Video Exposes Wife Of Belgian Ambassador: This Is What Happened

Belgian Ambassador to South Korean Peter Lescouhier

Much to her dismay this issue will ‘travel’ far to affect her hubby and her personality as well. Xiang Xueqiu, who is the spouse of the Belgian Ambassador to South Korean Peter Lescouhier was found in a video which went viral a month ago attacking two shop workers in South Korea.

As per a video confirmation, Xiang put some clothes on in a Seoul store and afterward left without paying for them.

A shop assistant saw her and pursued the envoy’s wife to confront her about the garments she was wearing without paying. Xiang at that point purportedly pulled at one assistant’s arm and slapped another who had attempted to intercede.

Unfortunately for her, the episode was captured on CCTV and shared via social media by the family of one of the attacked shop workers.

Xiang Xueqiu, wife of the Belgian ambassador

Because of the episode that occurred, reports say that Belgium has decided to end its Ambassador’s three-year stay in South Korea after his wife’s attack. Meanwhile Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes requested Ambassador Peter Lescouhier to get back from Korea to the greatest advantage of their reciprocal relations.


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The wife of the Ambassador Xiang Xueqiu has apologized but has had her diplomatic Immunity stripped. Together, the Belgian diplomat to South Korea and his better half has again apologized in private to the shop worker.

But despite every one of the expressions of remorse, the Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmeshas called Xiang′s actions ″unacceptable behavior″ and stripped her of discretionary resistance. Xiang will obviously keep on helping out the Korean authorities on a case by case basis.

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