Virgin Voyages Is Launching Its Next Cruise Ship, And It’s Beautiful!

In 2021, Virgin Voyages launched ‘Scarlet Lady’, which was its first Adults-Only cruise ship. Presently, the voyage line is Launching its next offering called the ‘Valiant Lady‘.

The 278-meter long vessel can accommodate 2,770 travelers, and holds the standard voyage amenities like a pool deck over its 17 decks, alongside somewhat less normal contributions like a tattoo parlor.

Virgin Voyages is hoping ‘Valiant Lady’ will be part of a late spring cruising blast as pandemic limitations ease.

On Friday March 11, ‘Valiant Lady’ cruised from Essex in the southeast of England to London, where she’s docked at the London International Cruise Terminal for launch celebration.

Afterward, she’ll leave on a UK cruising prior to taking off to Barcelona. VL will also make a trip to Australia at the delegated time.

‘Scarlet Lady’ and ‘Valiant Lady’ are basically indistinguishable, with their breathtaking interior, store lodging energy and other cafés. The only real distinction is their individual agendas.

Truth be told, Virgin Voyages’ want their boats to feel recognizably not quite the same as other traditional vessels. Also, this was essential for the allure of joining the cruise line.

The design of ‘Valiant Lady’ is a delightful one just as the Virgin Voyages being totally different and entirely out there from the outside to the interior in comparison.

The Dock of ‘Valiant Lady’, has an indoor/outside café with hammocks and ocean views. Also, the region converges from interior to exterior and has a superyacht feel.

There are spring up entertainment events, numerous cafés rather than one huge eating corridor with a smorgasbord, and will be hoping to cook for guests of any age in the boat.

Virgin have a few things that put them aside from other voyage lines like WiFi, a pool and soft drinks and an entertainment on the boat.

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Virgin’s beds are convertible and bends over as a lounge chair, and they are very comfortable. Other than this, there is a fantastic interior designs that are exceptionally snappy and appealing.

In the mean time, everybody on board ‘Scarlet Lady’ and ‘Valiant Lady’ is expected to be immunized, and the voyage line says it additionally tests visitors prior to loading up. Vaccination prerequisites will limit the impact of any flare-up onboard.

The cruise line’s third as-yet-to-be-launched ship, Resilient Lady, will launch later this year, while Virgin has a fourth vessel scheduled for 2023.

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