Vodafone Ghana Pushes An Agenda For Women

Gender equality has been a significant subject of conversation around the world for such countless years. Several organizations are doing their touch to handle that issue. Notwithstanding, Vodafone Ghana has also joined in supporting the gender diversity and equality.

The broadcast communications network perceives the ability and exceptional commitment of women in their fields and is completely dedicated to the reason for guaranteeing equal opportunity, strengthening and satisfactory portrayal of women in all sectors of national undertaking.

The telecommunication giant is driving the clarion call for gender balance and diversity and epitomizes gender inclusivity through its activities and strategies.

Vodafone Ghana’s enthusiasm and obligation to support this plan came to the front during this year’s International Women’s Day as the outfit did various striking activities and events to mark the week-long festival.

Under the customized theme: Women in Leadership: ‘Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’ with the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge, the scheduled activities were executed with the objective of shining a light on gender bias and inequity while seeking out and celebrating women’s achievements.

Through its Vodafone Ghana Foundation, the outfit coordinated an experiential Information Communication Technology (ICT) preparing on coding and advanced mechanics for a cross-part of female students and graduates from chosen tertiary institutions the country over. The training furnished participants with viable skill on the essentials of PC programming, coding and robotics.

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The ICT Workshop was closed with a coaching meeting which involved an extraordinary no limits intuitive discussion between the participants and every one of the five female members from the Senior Leadership Team of Vodafone to be specific Patricia Obo-Nai – CEO; Ashiokai Akrong – Director, Human Resources; Tawa Bolarin – Director, Vodafone Business; Geta Striggner-Quartey – Director, Legal and External Affairs, and Angela Mensah-Poku – Director – Digital Transformation and Commercial Operations.

The Directors took turns to share experiences and nuggets of advice with the young women to inspire them towards higher heights in their chosen career paths.

With the allegedly rising cases of domestic violence at home against women, Vodafone has set out to help and help Ghana’s Police Service in their fight to control the danger.

As a component of their activities, Vodafone donated in cash and essential office resources to the regional offices of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) in Takoradi (Western Region), Koforidua (Eastern Region), Kumasi (Ashanti Region) and Tamale (Northern Region).

The organization is now effectively running various consideration driven projects including: Reconnect – a program that gives temporary jobs and opportunities to women who have been off the work market because of labor; Female Engineering Student Sponsorship Program (FESSP) – an arrangement activity, which gives temporary position, mentorship and opportunities to splendid female engineering students; various digital inclusion and entrepreneurship training programmes for women.

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