Watch: A Beautiful Experience With Kid Dancers In Jamestown

From the library, I was exhausted and worn out as I was strolling through the boulevards of Jamestown, a community with it’s own uniqueness in the focal point of Ghana. Exactly when I was tied in with swallowing down some water to extinguish my throat, I heard a loud music only few meters away from where I was.

As an admirer of music, I drew nearer to the where the event was taking place. Obviously, I presumed it to be the Jamestown inhabitants who were just having a fabulous time. Jamestown is a celebrated community in Ghana, where you can discover practically everything including extraordinary talents for different fields like boxing and other sporting events.

Dancing is one of the prominent things that is connected to the community, accordingly the occupants who are mostly Gās have created several dances of which some have gone past the shores of Ghana. ‘Azonto’ is one of them.

The kids here are simply Amazing children who explore all the treats in entertainment particularly new dances. Incidentally, I went nearer to the playing grounds where the music was coming from.

In undeniable reality, nobody would simply stroll to any place just like that on the grounds that you heard a melody playing, but for me, I realized Jamestown is a carefree community with so much activities going on, so I participated in the good times.

This gathering was as a result of a dance academy, DWP celebrating their second anniversary. And as part of their celebration, they had to organize this competition for the interesting kids in Jamestown.

On entering the premises, I saw it was a ‘heated’ dance competition between two set of groups. Furthermore, it was essentially astonishing to observe how capable they were on the local melody.

Their cadence were on point and the entire spot went ‘gaga’. Besides Boxing and fishing, Jamestown additionally has other activities like “crazy” dances where get-togethers like outdooring and parties won’t end without great dance moves.

Have a look at a bit of what I enjoyed!!

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