Watch: Grammys All Time ‘Powerful’ Performances – Part 1

The Grammy Awards is seemingly the most respectable awards ceremony in the world, and during the yearly function, many fascinating stuff happen both on the red carpet and in the principle lobby where the honors is held.

For quite a while at this point, incredible performances have been produced by artists at the Grammys, and every one has their own most loved undoubtedly.

Numerous fabulous stage shows have been adulated at the awards ceremony since its introduction.

How about we look at a portion of the noteworthy and extraordinary Grammy performances of all time.

In this edition, we are looking at Three of the performances that got standing ovations at the Grammy Awards.

They are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner.

Michael Jackson, 1988 – ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

Whitney Houston, 1989 – ‘One Moment In Time’

Tina Turner, 1985 – ‘What’s Love Got To Do’

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