We Are Forced To Sleep With Grannies In Russia – Some Ghanaian Men Cry

Ghanaian men living in Russia has approached the Government of Ghana to start moves to rescue some of them in Russia. As indicated by the President of the Ghana-Russia Business Development Council, Dr Lawrence Awuku-Boateng, a large portion of these men are experiencing ‘hell’, as these Ghanaian casualties can’t get back to their country Ghana because of legitimate outcomes or fear of a prison sentence by the Eastern European country.

Strangely, the majority of these men connect with some Russian ladies through the web, trusting the relationship will prompt a genuine marriage, but are in the long run, transformed into sex object on arrival in the country.

In the expressions of Mr. Awuku-Boateng, he said:

“Ghanaian men are the most patronized in Russia . . . these Eastern Europeans arrange for their ‘partners’ Visas and flight tickets. Also, some footballers are sent to Russia under the guise of securing them good soccer teams which never is the reality. A lot of the detainees in Russia were deceived to come to the country”

He further portrayed that, on arriving at Russia, these Ghanaians are limited and locked up in a room without getting the opportunity to go out or carry on with a superior life.

While they’re stuck in the room, the only activity they’re allowed to do is to have relentless sex, on numerous occasions with in any event, three ladies per day. They are exposed to different rounds of sex with Russian women, generally grandmas, at the expense of their health.

The vast majority of these Ghanaian nationals return to Ghana, since it is hard to leave Russia when one’s Visa, which is generally for 30 days, expires; henceforth their retreat to this dangerous experience.

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