“We Are Proud To Make It To This Year’s World Cup”

Robert Lewandowski

Goal ‘wizard’ Robert Lewandowski, who is Poland’s captain scored nine goals during the qualifying matches for world cup Qatar 2022™, including a crucial strike for their play-off match against Sweden.

However, Lewandowski doesn’t have a single goal in his possession at a FIFA World Cup after his side left Russia 2018 after the group stage – a circumstance he is keen not to repeat, as he and his colleagues hope to improve their performance in Qatar.

As the World Cup moves ever nearer, expectations are high for Lewandowski. He scored 25 goals in 19 games across Poland’s last two World Cup qualifying campaigns, which includes 9 goals on the road to Qatar.

Robert Lewandowski expressed this during a an interview with FIFA:

I’m definitely pleased to have scored so many goals in qualifying, but particularly because it meant we made it to the World Cup. I know that every one of my goals can help my team to victory, so I’m really happy and proud to have achieved such impressive numbers.

“Every time we win, whether I’ve scored or not, I always think that we’ve achieved the most important thing of all. And if I score along the way, well, that’s perfect”.

According to Lewandowski, Poland is proud to have come to this year’s world Cup, as it showed his team that they have potential. But, the question now is whether they will actually want to accomplish that potential.

Poland’s coach Czeslaw Michniewicz just took on the coaching job right away before that World Cup play-off. He took over the team not long before that last game and didn’t have a lot of training time with the team.

“I realize I should constantly have that crave for goals. Many people take a look at my details and expect to be that if I scored, I played well, and if I don’t then I played badly, but I’m very much aware that that is not generally the situation. It doesn’t worry me”.

“The pressure that comes with the role for our fans and the country in general is enormous and I’m very much aware of it. I need to and need to feel spurred to show them what I can do on the football pitch. Although that is not that easy, I would rather not say anything negative about it. I should continuously track down a solution and try to put forth a valiant effort”.

Meanwhile, the Poland teams of 1974 and 1982 were among the most grounded national sides of their period and made impressive progress at the World Cup.

Lewandowski Becomes The First New Signing To Score Four Goals In The First..

According to Lewandowski, he will continuously try to score a goal if he gets the chance, but it’ll be hard to score as much as Grzegorz Lato.

Lewandowski said, In spite of the fact that Poland isn’t a team that makes countless goalscoring chances, there may be a couple of opportunities to score. He said, they’ll give their best to ensure they are hungry for goals as could really be expected, but it’s the World Cup.

Poland’s team rivals are Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia at Qatar 2022.

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