Wearing Of ‘Hot’ And Provocative Dresses In Public To Be Banned In Seville, Spain

The Spanish city of Seville has announced that people who wear sexy outfits and clothing out in the open will soon be penalized. The recently elected Mayor of the city of Seville has proclaimed that the council will lay out a regulation to end the antisocial behaviour in public places.

Jose Luis Sanz, who was elected as the Mayor of Seville in May 2023, has cautioned that people who fail to keep the guidelines will be subject to a fine, as per reports by SchengenVisaInfo.com.

According to the UK paper ‘The Times’, Luis Sanz has proclaimed that the new regulation will ban several antisocial conducts, including wearing underwear in public as well as wearing outfits with “sexist elements or messages”.

The authorities will also ban outfits “that may violate the moral or sexual integrity of another person”. There will also be No “performing or inciting the performance of acts that violate sexual freedom […] or committing acts of obscene exhibitionism.”

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As The Times reports, Luis Sanz has guaranteed that Seville has no interest in the type of tourism that is related to bachelor and bachelorette parties. This does not mean that these kinds of parties cannot be celebrated in the city but rather they should be more ‘respectful’.

“What we don’t view favourably are groups of people dressed as whatever, with brass bands behind them, disturbing the many residents of Seville – especially in areas of the historic centre – who also have the right to enjoy their city.” Jose Luis Sanz said.

Occupants may be exceptionally welcoming to the new measures as they have expressed discontent at guest conduct previously. A resident in Seville spoke to a local radio station, and according to her some parties were disgraceful and that people came out naked.

Seville would not be the first Spanish city to introduce such measures to tourists as Malaga previously imposed a €750 fine for being nude in public and wearing underwear in the streets. In addition, Mojar in Almeria banned wearing accessories that were offensive and explicit back in 2016.

Restrictions to tourists are becoming increasingly across Europe, especially in Spain, Italy and Portugal, which are popular destinations for tourists.

Previously, Portugal warned tourists that playing loud music on the beach can be fined up to €36,000, as it is disturbing other beachgoers. Other restrictions introduced to tourists at Portuguese beaches include unauthorised ball games, camping at inadequate places and fishing in bathing areas.

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