Welcome To Victoria Island – The Busiest Business District Centre Of Banking And Commerce In Nigeria

Victoria Island is one of the busiest business districts in Nigeria

Nigeria’s tourism industry sector has been very phenomenal, despite the fact that some travel experts think it isn’t as ‘solid’ as it used to be. There are numerous wonderful and interesting vacationer places situated in the West African country that has pulled in numerous sightseers from around the globe.

Be that as it may, tourism has been one of the income streams for Nigeria, and one the spots that has added to the growth of the travel industry is Victoria Island in Lagos.

Obviously this isn’t Canada’s Victoria Island, but this one which is in Nigeria is a rich region loaded up with smart dance club and bars, just as opulent inn lounges. Fine eateries serve European cooking or Nigerian staples, for example, ofada rice, artisan bakeries, upmarket boutiques, and independent bookshops dab the roads.

Terra Kulture art centres showcases Nigerian handiworks and compositions, and the milestone Civic Center occasions complex hosts workmanship fairs and shows.

Victoria Island (VI) envelops a former island of a similar name neighboring Lagos Island, Ikoyi and the Lekki Peninsula by the Lagos Lagoon. It is the principle business and financial centre of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Victoria Island is one of the most select and expensive areas to live in Lagos. The town and island exist in the limits of the Eti-Osa Local Government Area (LGA).

An enormous aspect of the Island was initially essential for purview of the Oniru chieftaincy group of Lagos with inhabitants occupying the land. In 1948, the Lagos Executive Development Board paid 250,000 pounds as remuneration for the land obtained from the Oniru family and an extra 150,000 pounds as pay for the occupants and holy places decimated.

The occupants were later resettled at Maroko town. Victoria Island was initially encircled totally by water. It was flanked by the Atlantic Ocean on the south, the mouth of the Lagos Lagoon on the West, the Five Cowrie Creek toward the North, and marshes on the East.

The pilgrim government started the way toward filling in the eastern bogs to diminish mosquito reproducing territories. This made a land connect between Victoria Island and Lekki Peninsula ending its existence as a true island.

After independence, successive state governments expanded this development, culminating in the construction of a highway connecting Victoria Island to Epe. This activity, along with the rapid commercialization of Victoria Island, served to stimulate residential development along the Lekki-Epe corridor, starting with Lekki Phase 1.

The area of the land bridge, composed of the former swampland, became a large slum called Maroko Town which housed many of the new migrants to Lagos State. Residents of the Island complained about this problem, leading the military Governor of the State, Raji Rasaki, to forcibly remove the residents on 14 July 1990, resulting in numerous injuries. Governor Rasaki and his armed security forces caused the eviction of as many as 300,000 residents, some of whom had legal title to their property.

This new region built up after the expulsions was called Victoria Island Annex. It was cleared and offered to private purchasers.

Ensuing recovery extended the region to the degree that Victoria Island Annex is currently associated with the Lekki Peninsula. This new, expanded zone is referred to as “Oniru Estate” after the ruling family of the area.

As one of the well known spots in Nigeria, Victoria Island initially assigned an upscale local location, bombing system and congestion in the old business region on Lagos Island. Remiss zoning enforcement in Victoria Island prompted a mass relocation of organizations throughout the last a quarter century.

Today, Victoria Island is perhaps the busiest centres of banking and commerce, with most significant Nigerian and global enterprises settled on the Island.

The Island has proceeded to quickly create and alongside Ikoyi, is a most loved spot for Nigerians and outsiders to live and play.
The inundation of banks and other business adventures has changed the former tranquil environment of the Island. Longtime residents complain about the increase in traffic and influx of street traders who cater to local bank employees and businessmen.

A new project being created by the Chagoury Group incorporates the Eko Atlantic City, situated close to Victoria Island. The undertaking is being based on recovered land that has been lost to waterfront disintegration.

For tourists, visiting Victoria Island is very safe, despite the fact that you should be cautious of frivolous thieves, who are extremely keen and can outfox you from numerous points.

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