Welcome To Your Homes, A New Music Sensation, Vivian Mensah

Vivian Mensah

The gospel music scene has been flourishing for a long time, with new acts joining the business basically consistently around the globe. Ghanaian new act Vivian Mensah has also now been ‘ordained’ into the Gospel music scene.

Some Ghanaian gospel acts who are living outside the country like Diana Antwi Hamilton, Kwesi Oteng, and a lot more came into the scene with a solid entry. They have along these lines been very relevant to date.

Vivian Mensah who is affectionately called Vivi Alive has also joined the above whizzes as she is ready to bewild Europe and the world everywhere with her special style as a skilled artiste.

Ghana without a doubt is the backbone of extraordinarily lit up melodic abilities. Old and contemporary artistes have been musically joining digital music and echoes of the country’s customary sounds to deliver extraordinary genre. Vivian Mensah is as of now doing quite well and has gotten the eyes of numerous people in Europe.

The German based with a sleek and sentimental voice is just about dropping an incredible single named ‘God My 911’.

The title of the melody is similar to the well known emergency dial number but scripturally it delineates how to rapidly consult God in the midst of dire circumstances.

Vivi Alive’s conveyance and authority over pleasantries in the tune makes her a virtuoso to pay special mind to.

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