What Does WhatsApp’s New ‘Keep In Chat’ Feature Do?

They don’t have to stay with Disappearing Messages conversations forever. Even though this extra layer of privacy prevents messages from being read by the wrong people, there are times when you want to keep important information or voice notes.

Having said that, WhatsApp introduced the feature known as “Keep in Chat,” which gives the sender of the text a special superpower that allows them to keep any texts they send for later. They believe if you’ve sent the message, it’s your decision whether others in the talk can save it for some other time.

The New Ways To Enjoy WhatsApp Status

The sender will be notified whenever someone keeps a message, and the sender will be able to veto the decision in order for this to work. In the event that you’ve concluded your message can’t be kept by others, your decision is final, no one else can keep it and the message will be deleted when the timer expires. This way you have the final say on how messages you send are protected.

You can view saved WhatsApp messages in the Kept Messages folder, organized by chat, and they will be marked with a bookmark icon.

This is another update and the flexibility to keep the messages they need.

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