What Is Rwanda Doing Right? International Guests Are Now Travelling To..

Of late, Rwanda has been the new spot for big event hosting in Africa. Questions have been asked what the mystery might be. Several people have reasoned that, going for an event in Rwanda is a blend of Class and Beauty, in view of how they are organized.

In under 10 years, Rwanda which is a little, landlocked country has secured itself as a destination for meetings, sports competitions and other significant events, charging itself as truly outstanding destination for such events in a bid to boost business and their economy.

The East African country which once experienced genocide in 1994, has become one of the most steady nations in Africa now.

The nation has been on a monstrous and consistent development for quite a long while at this point, and numerous guests from varying backgrounds feel entirely comfortable and safe when they visit Rwanda. Major events like meetings, sports, entertainment and so on, are currently conveyed from different nations and hosted in Rwanda.

Obviously, Rwanda might have their deficits, as far as development is concerned, but President Paul Kagame’s administration has done their maximum best by ensuring the nation is spotless, with better roads and modern infrastructure in many parts of the country, especially Kigali, the capital.

This has drawn in huge number of international guests to visit the country, not only for tourism purposes, but also to hold events.

Coordinators say that low degrees of bureaucracy and compelling administration of the Covid-19 pandemic also make it simpler to hold enormous scope of events in the country.

Prior to the pandemic, conference revenues had jumped nearly 40 percent between 2016 and 2019, according to government figures, with Kigali second only to Cape Town in terms of the number of events hosted on the African continent, the International Conferences and Conventions Association said.

The mushrooming of new infrastructure over the last six years — including the Kigali Convention Centre, whose dome is inspired by Rwanda’s beehive-shaped palaces, the Gahanga Cricket Stadium, or the 10,000-seater Kigali Arena, East Africa’s biggest indoor venue — has helped develop the nascent sector.

Hotel owners have also sensed an opportunity, with major international hotel chain setting up shop next to the convention centre.
Officials are pumping in funds to expand the national airline RwandAir and build a new international airport on the outskirts of the capital.

The truth of the matter is, the government of Rwanda has put a great deal of exertion into ensuring visitors both home and international have a real sense of reassurance having their event hosted in the country.

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But the success of the fast-growing sector has raised concerns among activists, who have previously accused Rwandan authorities of rounding up street vendors, homeless people and sex workers ahead of high-profile events such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

The nation has strategised in a manner to advance Kigali as a center point for various events. Rwanda’s government is depending on an ideal method for yielding dividends. Other than this, they are making all efforts to bring many direct and circuitous economic benefits.

Meanwhile, the government remains hopeful, bringing up that Rwanda’s 2022 calendar incorporates some major events including CHOGM which is now scheduled for June, followed by the world cycling championships in 2025, a first for the African continent.

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