What Makes Afia Drah That Unique?


Every professional woman has one or more characteristics that set her apart. They have put their professional goals first and pursued a path to success in their careers that has resulted in experiences and accomplishments.

Subsequently, Afia Drah can’t be forgotten about in that limit. As a Corporate communications Strategist with experience in the creative and media industry, The Trust Hospital professional has forever been exceptionally aggressive with a reasonable feeling of what she had wanted to accomplish in her life.

Afia Drah is a integrated Communication specialist with 14 years experience in Media, Branded Content, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, as well as Business Development background. As a matter of fact, she has given a mind blowing communication strategy for the Trust Hospital.

Her characteristic traits have always been her tenacity and persistence, as well as her willingness to put in a lot of effort to overcome challenges and reach goals.

Therefore, when she was included among the Top 10 PR Women in Ghana in 2021, it came as no surprise. She just has a strong work ethic, proud of what she has accomplished, and is frequently willing to put in more effort to succeed.

For a number of months, Afia Drah has held the position of Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at The Trust Hospital in Accra. Additionally, at the TTH, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities.

Afia inspires and motivates others at work with her qualities. In fact, Afia Drah has made very polite decisions as she has led the hospital’s PR team, which is in charge of three hospitals and six clinics.

Afia Drah jumped through hoops in education from 2004 to 2015. She attended the University of Education, Winneba, and the University of Ghana (NAFTI). She majored in marketing communication, development communication, research, MA Business and Organizational Communication, and BA Television Production respectively.

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Afia Drah has a wealth of experience in the fields of media and communications, including: Media Marketing, Television Research Producing Advertising, Public Relations, New Media, Strategy, Organizational Communications and many other corporate expertise.

Accredited institutes iPR, APRA MCIPR, and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations are three of Afia’s solid certifications.

Afia Drah is ultimately a woman with a one-of-a-kind determination to achieve any goal, frequently in the face of significant challenges or obstacles.

She is also a Foodie & Storyteller, of which she believes there is a rare connect between food and stories.

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