What Makes Ghana’s Mmofra Gardens So Unique? (Photos)

You probably have been to loads of tourism places including gardens, but hang on!, have you been to Mmofra Garden in Accra, Ghana? All things considered, if you’ve not, at this point you better accelerate and take your children to this excellent spot.

The Mmofra Garden green space in the capital Accra, is a one of a kind community focused on kids’ delight and play.

‘Mmofra’ implies Children in a local tongue, Twi. The Mmofra place was propelled by a 1960 book and photograph exposition called Playtime in Africa, by Efua T. Sutherland and Willis Bell, which contains convincing photos of the numerous creative childrens’ games across Ghana.

The spot was designed by the Foundation of this equivalent outfit in association with a international network of architects, planners, engineers , educators, artists, as well as local experts, community leaders, and teenagers, to address the capital Accra’s fast urbanization, its huge populace of children, and the absence of safe open spaces for kids.

This community garden has an exhibition space, library, secluded play territory, open workmanship, vegetable plots and programming and mutiple green spaces that keeps each guest particularly the children occupied and cheerful simultaneously.

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