What Makes Jon Germain One Of The Most Mind-blowing Presenters In The World?

Jon Germain

Jon Germain recently requested to be offered the chance to be the Emcee of Ghana Music Awards. After a number of heated debates regarding the hosts of the most recent Music Awards in Accra, Ghana, went viral, the seasoned media personality and musician made this announcement on social media.

The exceptional radio and TV personality, who has gained a lot of experience over the years, has been supported by several people when he made that request. Outside of Ghana, Jon Germain has hosted major live shows. Thus, hosting or emceeing any show on this planet isn’t anything beyond him.

The Recording Academy has hired several artists to host the world’s biggest music ceremony (the Grammy Awards) for the past ten years, up until my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. From 2012 to 2016, the show was hosted by the legendary rapper LL Cool J on a regular basis.

And the rapper ‘nailed’ it without imperfections. James Corden took over in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Then, Alicia Keys also got it from Corden in 2019 and 2020. Comedian and actor Trevor Noah also hosted the Grammys in 2021.

Each of these guys are well-known entertainers who have also gained some experience in the field. They only needed some little refreshers before they could stand before the entire world at this significant event.

Jon Germain can do the same thing, as evidenced by his command on the stage during Live events. The prestigious Jon Germain has been on radio and television for well over 29 years and has won numerous awards.

With his incredibility, expertise, command on his character and control in the space, he has had the opportunity to interview an enormous number of VIPs or celebrities not only in Ghana, but outside the shores of the country including the U.K, Nigeria and many others.

Jon Germain, who is famously referred to as “Supremo,” has previously conducted interviews with America’s Rev. Jesse Jackson, Nana Akufo Addo (the current President of Ghana), Bennie Man, Buju Banton, Frank Bruno, a world heavyweight boxer, Reggie Rockstone, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, Abedi Ayew Pele, Coldplay, and numerous other top global icons.

Skills and Qualities of Jon Germain:

Jon is considered as quite possibly, one of the best presenters, due to certain exceptional qualities he possesses. These distinguish him as a live host presenter and an emcee.

Jon Germain has the charisma and Stage Presence. He generally dazzles the crowd with his regular appeal, confidence, and capacity to connect with the people. In addition, he commands the stage and engages and energizes the audience.

You might think that’s enough, but the “Supremo” also has excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills, including clear articulation, active listening, and the ability to change his tone and language to fit various audiences and situations.

He is exceptionally flexible and can adjust to various event configurations, themes, and audience. Jon Germain has handled a wide range of events with ease and professionalism, including corporate conferences and entertainment shows.

Not all emcees can do this, but the ‘Supremo’ can hold the crowd’s consideration all through an occasion, with his little funny bone, storytelling, and intelligent ways to make an enthusiastic and pleasant environment.

One extraodinary thing about Jon is his excellent time management, that he uses to manage time effectively. He easily transitions between segments, speakers, or performances while ensuring the event flows smoothly. He is also quick-witted, adaptable, and capable of handling unexpected challenges with grace and composure when an unforseen event pops up.

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Jon Germain is without a doubt, one of the few hosts or emcees who prioritize research before taking the stage: He researches and learns about the event, its purpose, and its audience. He always wants to know more about the speakers, performers, and topic so he can make good introductions and have meaningful conversations.

Jon Germain has always combined all of these skills to ensure that the event runs smoothly and achieves its goals while also providing an unforgettable and engaging experience for his audience.

The television Journey:

Years ago, a young man with a vivacious and intelligent appearance graced Ghanaian television sets. His show was probably the most watched at the time. His distinctive presenting style and flair besides his charismatic personality attracted several audience to watch his popular show: ‘Allo TiGo’. The entertainment and lifestyle program that officially started broadcasting on television in 2003, was the number one show for bunches of people.

For over a decade, Jon Germain the ‘Supremo’ was the host of ‘Allo TiGo’. He asked the right questions and had the flair. In addition, it was entertaining to watch Jon interact with these favourite celebrities live on television.

Apparently, every one of the big names in the Ghanaian music and film circles were first interviewed on the one hour show by Jon Germain. Consequently, everyone was always glued to their televisions on Saturday evenings. Others also watched him because of his sense of high-quality fashion on the show.

Signature, Musicianship and The Energy of Jon Germain:

The seasoned broadcaster, songwriter, and musician, who has recorded music with world-renowned artists like Mutabaruka, the reggae icon, finally left the Allo TiGo show, which was one of Ghana’s longest-running television programs at the time. He hosted the show for over 10 years. Meanwhile, his classic songs received a lot of attention all over the world. In fact, Jon has always stated that, he doesn’t make music for trends, which obviously makes his songs unique.

He never looked back after releasing his first Pop Rock album in 2008, “This is Who I am.” He went on to make alternative hit singles and albums like “Enigma,” “In My Head,” “Threesome,” “Love Zone,” “Quiver,” among others.

Jon Germain who is otherwise called Mr. R&B has performed gigs globally, and even has one of his tunes being ranked 8th best Love Song in the world. In addition to being one of the best emcees, the musician actually has what it takes to compete with the world’s best musicians.

Sense of Fashion:

Jon Germain is a fashionista who always looks good both inside and outside the studios. An emcee or live host presenter’s fashion sense varies depending on the event. That said, Jon has that characteristic. He takes a look at the ideal environment, and individual style inclinations before he spruces up.

Jon always “nails” it, just as emcees and live hosts are expected to present themselves professionally. He dresses in a manner that mirrors the convention of the occasion and grandstands a degree of complexity. For more casual occasions, he prefers business casual attire as he favors suits, blazers, or tailored dresses for formal occasions.

His colour selections and patterns always complement his complexion, hair color, and overall appearance. Jon Germain can never leave behind his ties and jackets. He makes sure he strikes a balance and not overpower the outfit or distract from his role.

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In fact Jon Germain has created a genuine and authentic fashion brand, that allows his personality to shine through. He has created a polished, professional, and engaging look that complements any event and captures the attention of the audience.

The Beginning:

Jon Germain started his radio career in 1997 and has on the whole, filled in as a television presenter at one of the best networks, Metro television. He hosted programs like Allo TiGo, Unplugged and Smash TV. Jon has worked in the broadcasting space for almost three decades.

The ‘Supremo’ has practically worked with almost the best media folks including: Dede Mantey, Kwame Faakye (Mr. Swift), mercury Quaye, Caroline Sampson, DJ Blow, Jessica Saforo, George Brun, Van Vicker, Chris Attoh and many of the country’s best moderators.

The multitalented telecaster has covered several magazines, including Event Guide Magazine, one of Ghana’s biggest entertainment magazines, and has been the face or brand ambassador for numerous outfits including AirtelTigo (then TiGo).

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