What Makes Singer Abiana Unique?


When Abiana began performing at +233 Jazz Bar And Grill (in Accra-Ghana), numerous people were shocked, especially her vocal abilities, and couldn’t understand why she hasn’t officially released any tune or album yet.

After performing at +233 for as long as 6 years, she at last, came out with her first single ‘Adun Lei’.

She at that point followed up with ‘Amen’, and afterward the new one ‘Bo Noo Ni’. Abiana is naturally vocally gifted that, she has in around couple of months, pulled in more fans to her brand.

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Abiana does all genre of music including new soul, Highlife, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Jazz, Afropop and for all intents and purposes, any other genre. She has right away had the option to cleverly sell her brand to people through her live performances in addition to her vocals.

Abiana has an excellent way of moving along with the band she plays with, regardless of whether there is a hitch or mix up en route during a performance.

She has in indeed taken in a great deal about performing to the crowd, and has even been named among the best female vocalists in Ghana.

In the 2021 Ghana Music AAwards, Abiana was been named in the Best Female Vocalist Category with the likes of Gospel genius Diana Hamilton, Adina, Cina Soul, YaaYaa, Efe Grace and Enuonyam.

Abiana has set down deep roots and is expected to go past her level at this point. According to her, Alicia keys, Angelique kidjoe, Burner Boy and a few other top global music acts are her top choices and would not stop for a second to do a collaboration with them. ‘I’m working on that’ she said.

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