“All What These Producers Know Is Sex” – Seley Asserts


A Ghanaian female performer based in Switzerland, Seley, has expressed her frustration over the unreasonable requests for sexual demands in the Ghanaian music industry when female artists plan to promote their music.

Seley, who is currently promoting her new single “Problem,” recently visited Ghana to set up a good foundation for herself in the Ghanaian music industry, but says she was shocked by the degree of sexual requests made by numerous producers and other male industry players.

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She says that talented female artists who want to have a successful career in the industry should be concerned about this trend. She met producers in Ghana who were not interested in her talent or how to develop it; rather, they made sexual demands at her.

Seley is of the opinion that addressing this major issue is essential to the development of an industry that is more fair and equitable for female artists.

“All these guys and producers just want sex. They are not interested in your talent or they don’t see your worth as a woman, they just see punani,” she said.

She is currently working on a variety of musical projects and remains determined to pursue her music career despite the setbacks.

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