What You Need To Know About Yam Karkai’s Visionary Projects And More

Yam Karkai with some of her digital arts at an exhibition

It started like a small lighting fire, then slowly, it came up like many flames in woodlands caused by regardlessly discarded cigarette butts. The founder and artist who creates pieces that focus on bringing women into the spotlight, began with such a lot of vim, in this manner rapidly snatched it.

Yam Karkai is a digital illustrator and NFT artist who who creates pieces that focus on bringing women into the spotlight while at the same time addressing certain aspects of women’s lives. She does as such through distinctive agreeable variety blends along with perky, sensitive lines and a hint of imagination.

The universe built by Yam has its own halo and a very characteristic style that is easily recognized. She is heavily inspired by her life experiences, her multicultural background and her surroundings.

Yam Karkai is also the creator and illustrator of the “World of Women” project that works on bringing more diversity and inclusion into the NFT world while creating a safe welcoming space for women and minorities and also supporting up and coming artists.

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Through her colourful work, Yam Karkai intend to channel joy, female empowerment, positivism and self-confidence. To Yam, she feels greatly inspired by bright pastel colors, the 60s and 70s art movements, strong women, and my middle-eastern heritage – to name a few.

This is one of Yam’s digital illustrations

Yam Karkai has a lot of abilities and certifications, other than the digital art.

The WoW collection is additionally work of Yam. Karkai and the WoW group are energetic about increasing variety and inclusion in the NFT people community and supporting rising artists.

And they believe that NFT collections should be created by people from all over the world, and should feature art that feels approachable, inclusive and authentic to people of all backgrounds.

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