What You Should Know About The New Instagram Threads

Users will be able to follow the same accounts on Threads as they do on Meta’s photo-sharing app and use their Instagram usernames there. Text-based messaging app Threads appears to be very similar to Twitter.

In light of the fact that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter has resulted in a string of mishaps, leaving the popular social messaging app open to competition, the release of Threads is timely.

As Meta’s messaging app, Threads, makes its official debut, tech titans Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are engaged in a fierce business rivalry. The organization is pitching as Instagram’s “text-based discussion application”.

On July 5, Meta’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg made the official announcement that the text-based messaging app Meta’s new Threads is available for download.

In the midst of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, whose ownership is frequently erratic, Meta’s Threads represents an effort to capture the wave of users who have left Twitter.

The Threads App is now accessible to download free of charge on the Apple Application Store and Google Play online store in over 100 nations, Meta said in a blog post.

Screenshots of Threads, which can be found on Apple’s App Store, show that it is a text-based social messaging app with the same visual style as Twitter. Users can post brief messages that other users can like, share, and comment on.

Similar to Twitter, users will be able to reply to other public posts and follow the same Instagram accounts on Threads as they do on Instagram.

Within the first few hours after the announcement, over 5 million people had signed up for Threads, according to Zuckerberg.

The official launch follows Instagram’s announcement on Monday of a pre-order for Threads on the Apple App Store, which stated that the app would launch on July 6. Numerous Instagram users were also recently ready to acquire solicitations to get to Threads from within their Instagram accounts.

The messaging service is a separate app that users will need to download, despite the fact that Threads is linked to Instagram and allows users to use their existing Instagram usernames.

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Communities come together to talk about everything, from current events to what will be popular tomorrow, on Threads.

You can either build a devoted following of your own to share your creative thoughts, ideas, and opinions with the world or follow and connect directly with your favorite creators and others who love the same things.

On the new messaging app, peoples’ individual feeds will include recommended content shared by creators they may not be familiar with in addition to “threads” that were posted by users they follow.

Posts on Threads can be as long as 500 characters, and although the app is designed for text, users can also share links, photos, and videos that can last up to five minutes.

According to the blog post, Instagram users will also be able to share their Threads posts on “any other platform you choose” via the app’s story feature.

People will be able to control who is mentioning or responding to them within the app, as Meta has developed Threads “with tools to enable positive, productive conversations.”

You can filter out replies to your threads that contain specific words by adding hidden words, just like you can on Instagram. By tapping the three dots, you can unfollow, block, restrict, or report a profile on Threads. Any accounts you block on Instagram will also be blocked on Threads.

Most as of late, Musk said that Twitter users may have the option to see a specific number of Tweets each day trying to manage “outrageous degrees of information scratching” and “situation control” on the messaging service.

Numerous Twitter users voiced their displeasure with Musk’s decision to temporarily impose a so-called “rate limit,” claiming that the limits on tweets make the app less engaging.

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BlueSky, a rival social messaging app supported by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, claimed to have experienced “record-high traffic” following Musk’s announcement of the Twitter rate limit. In order to deal with the influx of new users, who must currently be invited to use the app, BlueSky temporarily paused sign-ups.

Decentralized technology will be used in Threads, which could theoretically allow users to control and manage their data across multiple apps that use the same software.

In a Threads post that was made briefly available to the general public on Wednesday, Instagram head Adam Mosseri stated that another decentralized technology known as ActivityPub will eventually be incorporated into Threads.

Another messaging app that is similar to Twitter and is called Mastadon is powered by the ActivityPub software. Mastadon has also seen an increase in new users who are looking for an alternative to Twitter.

Your posts will be accessible from other apps if you have a public Threads profile, allowing you to easily reach new people. In addition, similar to your Instagram experience, you would be able to approve users who want to follow you and interact with your content on Threads if you have a private profile.

Threads is the company’s first app “envisioned to be compatible with an open social networking protocol, and this could usher “in a new era of diverse and interconnected networks.”

In 2019, Meta, then known as Facebook, debuted a messaging app for Instagram users that was also called Threads. Unlike the current iteration of Threads that caters to text-based messages, the previous Threads app was instead centered around people sending short video and photo messages to their friends like they were using Snapchat.

Meta eventually shuttered Threads in 2021, and redirected people to use Instagram to see all their previous Threads messages.

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