For quite a while, Spanish football side, Barcelona has been in a ‘turmoil’, considering the conflicting scorelines the club has been producing of late. Barcelona was apparently the most dreaded soccer team on earth.

Every team experience shudders down their spine whenever they are about to meet Barcelona in any competition. Notwithstanding, for certain reasons, the team has dunked in form as management issues has also tripped in.

In recent times, the team struggle to win their games comfortably. It’s either a draw or loss, particularly the recent loss to Cadiz. People are asking questions about where the hungry and competitive spirit from the players have vanished to. Barcelona has consistently demonstrated CLASS since the times of Xavi, Iniesta, Suarez, Neymar and co.

Iniesta, Messi and Xavi

They always engaged the world with their magnum opuses on the field of play. Shockingly, that ‘fighting spirit’ of the current players appears to have gone down the channel, apart from issues within the management.

It wasn’t long ago when Messi and Suarez were calling on the team to act naturally critical. Now mindfulness isn’t sufficient. The manager of the club, Ronald Koeman needs to hold his most unmistakable players accountable.

The fact that the club has no cash to spend implies that Barcelona should work with the players they have, from the privileged few of the previous decade to the academy players urgent for an opportunity to substantiate themselves.

Obviously, Lionel Messi was a fantasy and labeled as the best ever, but what’s going on with him lately. Perhaps, the management responsible for the club should begin settling on urgent decisions to by and by ‘increase present expectations’. If not, then it is evidence that they are not prepared to take care of their responsibility.

However, for a section of the fans, Messi’s essence in the team blocks them more than it helps nowadays. His colleagues are excessively respectful, and need to get it in their mind moving forward that the game doesn’t have to course through him. Part of the issue is that Messi doesn’t ‘gel’ well with the new group of players.

The tension on Koeman is as yet forthcoming, as certain fans are of the view that, he should utilize the youthful players but much as could be expected, and make this year a tryout. And after one year from now, he should strategize his ideas, that is, if he is held as the manager.

Some fans additionally think, the most ideal path for Koeman to cultivate this new culture is to begin with Messi, who should be essential for the pivot like every other person. After all, there are no gods on the pitch for now.

Once more, a few fans figure Messi doesn’t need to necessarily start every league match. Obviously, he is most noteworthy player in the team but he is somewhat gnawed off this season. They believe either Messi isn’t intrigued any longer or he is a bit depleted.

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