The Magic Johnson Story: Life After Retiring From Playing Professional Basketball In 1996

By and by, Magic Johnson was the motivation behind why most people were always stuck to their TV set to watch Basketball. He constantly stunned the crowd with his able dunks on the court. The American NBA star whose real name is Earvin Johnson Jr. resigned from playing professional Basketball many years ago in the wake of playing point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers for 13 seasons. He further won for himself NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, twelve All-Star games, and nine NBA Finals appearances.

The 60 year old multi-tycoon currently owns a costly house in Los Angeles which is assessed to be $7.6 million. A comparative house which is additionally worth a huge number of dollars is likewise situated in Beverly Hills in the U.S. These properties didn’t drop by accident yet by legitimate planning as Magic Johnson partnered with an investment and fund management firm, Century City and Investment to shape Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds.

This is the means by which the entire procedure of owning such colossal and rich houses started. They created properties that incorporate apartment suites in Oakland, redevelopment of a past rail yard in Boston, a retail and private complex in Chicago, and the USD 28 million One Santa Fe private, retail complex, and office in downtown Los Angeles.

Besides all the above mentioned, the businessman likewise owns an expensive assortment of marked vehicles with some as costly as $51,250 and $252,800 individually. Other assets are also not forgotten about like his Magic Johnson theaters, cafés, TV network called ASPiRE and so on.

Magic Johnson has also makes a lot of money from his Instagram account as he makes between $3,601.5 to $6,002.5 per sponsored post. He additionally has numerous endorsement deals including Converse and other rewarding contracts. He has on the other hand, put resources into such a significant number of organizations in the U.S.

Above all these, something Magic Johnson did that was so touching was how he created a Pre-paid MasterCard named as “the Magic Card” that helps low-income individuals. This is to show them how to set aside cash and take an interest in electronic trade.

Magic Johnson who is Net Worth more than $650 million as at January 2020, is the most successful athlete after retirement and is positioned as one of the wealthiest African Americans today.

If you recollect, before resigning from Basketball, Magic Johnson was diagnosed of HIV Aids in 1991. That constrained him out of the game at the time and the news was everywhere throughout the world. Nearly the whole populace of America didn’t slam him for his confidence in turning out to proclaim his status but instead, lauded him as a bold legend.

Indeed, even the then U.S. President George H. W. Bush was also touched and praised him for his striking advance. He evidently disclosed to Magic Johnson that he is a hero and will everlastingly be a hero for any person who cherishes sports. Magic Johnson exploited all that to dispatch a foundation under his name “Magic Johnson Foundation” and became an advocate of HIV/AIDS prevention and safe sex which has helped the general public from multiple points of view.

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