Whatsapp: Eight People Can Now Make A Group Call

WhatsApp is one of the social media platforms utilized by billions of individuals in the world. Because of that, the App continues updating its platform to address the issues of its clients.

WhatsApp has as of late, introduced a group video call with up to eight individuals joining in addition to a voice chat. The feature is being released to the public after some beta testing. It’s accessible to both iOS and Android Users.

WhatsApp extended group calling to eight people in its beta on April 21, after already helping out for up to four people.

However, all users who will be taking an interest in the new video call should have the most recent update of WhatsApp with visual upgrades for iOS 13 users, including updated message action menu.

The iOS update is accessible now from the App Store, and will probably appear as a programmed update for most clients. On Android, the most recent update doesn’t have all the earmarks of being accessible from the Google Play store (yet), however, it is accessible by means of the web download for Android:

Group video and voice calls are initiated through the Calls tab at the bottom left-hand corner of the WhatsApp app.

In the top right, the call icon, it can be selected, and on the latest version of WhatsApp you’ll see ‘New Group Call’.

Tap this, and select up to seven different members, you would then be able to pick whether to start a video or a voice call.

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