WhatsApp Will Soon Launch A New In-App Support Features

WA Beta Info declared on Tuesday, 13 October 2020, that WhatsApp developers have submitted a new beta update; which includes a review of the forthcoming in-application support feature.

According to reports, the component is as yet being worked on; notwithstanding, beta analyzers would have the option to review the feature in front of it’s delivery in a future form. The group at WA Beta Info said that the feature is accessible in the latest beta version. But they haven’t received any official updates with respect to the new features.

While users can mail send WhatsApp a direct mail (on support@whatsapp.com), the process is slow and tedious, and many users report that they only receive automatic responses and nothing more.

WhatsApp developers are, for that reason, currently working on an in-app alternative that would allow users to “communicate with technical support”. The feature includes a message field.

From the screenshot shared in discord, the feature also has a section where users could submit device information and technical details, such as your device model, settings and logs. WhatsApp support team will reportedly directly “respond to you in a WhatsApp chat”. WA Beta Info points out that this will be received in a WhatsApp Support Chat.

“When WhatsApp has an answer for the user, he will receive the message in a WhatsApp Support chat, allowing to communicate with the technician. When the conversation is over, the chat will be automatically marked as closed”.

Furthermore, users would be able to open new tickets from an official Contact Us section within the Settings menu. Beta testers can install the latest version through Test Flight. The beta program is currently closed.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp recently introduced the ‘Always Mute’ option for the Web/Desktop app, as well as new attachment icons and a catalogue shortcut for iOS and Android in the 2.2039.9 beta update.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a yet-to-be-released ‘expiring media’ feature that will enable WhatsApp users to share media files which will disappear once the chat is closed. When the user decides to send an expiring media (images, videos and GIFs), the media will disappear in the recipient’s phone, once he leaves the chat.

In addition, another beta update specifically for Android users was titled “New Storage Usage”. The feature, which was recently rolled out to testers, came with “general bug fixes and improvements” to Storage Usage UI tools.

The storage section has reportedly been “completely redesigned” to improved usability. It now includes a “modern storage bar” that provides a breakdown of how space is used.

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