Where Is Media Personality Earl Ankrah?

Earl Ankrah

Many years ago, Earl Ankrah was all fizzy on Ghana’s TV screens, with his magnificent TV presentation combined with expert articulation and confidence. His newsreading and several other projects on Ghana Television (GTV) was what pulled in people to fix their eyes glued to their screens.

Earl served GTV for quite a while as an anchor, producer and senior editor before leaving in 2012 to proceed somewhere else. Since September 1995, Earl Ankrah worked at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) which is an auxiliary of the TV station (GTV), until he left to work with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission in Ghana.

So for the more than 16 years, he served the country through GBC and GTV respectively. After these number of years at Ghana’s sole national media house, he is currently the Head of Public Affairs at the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

Since 2012, Earl has been responsible for: Labour salaries negotiations, preventive communications, strategizing, corporate image, Campaign management, media monitoring and control and corporate relationship management.

Besides, as an experienced individual in the industry, Earl Ankrah also managed one of Ghana’s conspicuous and applicable artist, Okyeame Kwame, of which the latter has been extremely successful in his music career to date.

Then, aside from his own accomplishments, he thinks Abraham Ohene-Djan (OM Studios) additionally have the right to be commended. As indicated by him, Ohene-Djan has similarly contributed a great deal to the music industry particularly the Hiplife genre through his work of art music videos and promotions of many other TV shows including the famous ‘Smash TV’.

Earl Ankrah has without a doubt, paid his dues for the media industry and will consistently be associated with his commitments in this space.

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