Isaac Hayes Just Admired Shasha Marley For One Reason!

The ‘Monk’ Shasha Marley

Ghanaian Reggae genius Shasha Marley was ‘uproarious’ in 2007 when he released the tune ‘Maata Family’, a melody that got basically everybody moving to it because of its great course of action and instrumentations.

The interesting story behind the melody was what grabbed the eye of music fans apart from the excellent production.

The fine reggae artist who has consistently demonstrated on his tunes why he is seemingly the best vocalist, additionally produced a ‘puncturing’ tune ‘Twin City Maafia‘ which happens to be simply the most loved of numerous music fans including myself.

The man who consistently comes on stage in a hood over a coordinating cassock and a sash, has recorded alongside top artists and has won some honors to his credit. Because of his ‘powerful’ vocal capacities, he was lauded by Isaac Hayes.

At a point, when the Hall of Fame and multi Grammy Awards winner, Isaac Hayes heard his music, he was unable to shroud his admirations and stated:

‘Wow’, this brother is pure talent, he and I are going to do great things together’

After the commendations , both artists did an incredible collaboration. The ‘Monk‘ as he is typically alluded to by most fans, was named among 15 top Ghanaian artists in a top pick musical collaboration which was produced and supported by the Johns Hopkins University as a hard punch against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

At the mention of Bob Marley, Winston Rodney (Burning Spear), Steel Paulse, Jimmy Cliff, Nelson Mandela and numerous others, the name that strikes a chord is Shasha Marley. These VIPs were his motivations when he began doing music.

Shasha Marley with Steel Paulse

Shasha Marley is such an extraordinary artist who was appreciated by huge number of people over the globe including the late President of Libya. He was invited by the Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gadhafi to perform to every single African President during the last Organization of African Unity (OAU) culmination, held in Tripoli in the year 2001.

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He performed to travelers and music lovers at essentially all the entertainment spots and centres both home and abroad.

One of the successful albums of Shasha Marley was in 2007 when he released ‘Lost And Found‘. The melody was incredibly successful with monstrous airplay all over Ghana and beyond.

At a point, he even topped music charts in Kenya. His efforts were nominated with two Ghana Music Awards in 2008 for Best Male Vocal Performance and Best Reggae Song of the Year (Maata Family). He additionally visited numerous countries including Australia with broad performances.

Some of his melodies are: Twin City Mafia, I’m Not Ashamed of the Gospel, Queen of Queens, Eagerness, Buum Buum – Waa Waa, I See No Wrong With Jesus, Shame Politicians, Evil Spirits Walk Away, Shasha’s Creed and some more.

The question is as yet boggling in the minds of people: Why is Shasha Marley no more trending on our airwaves?

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