Who Do You Think You’re. Lost Confidence Now?

Man’s life on this planet has been marked by continual challenges. By dint of that, bunches of people’s confidence and their vigour continue to drop. Some have lost it all, for various reasons, as a matter of fact. Every individual has some unique qualities, paying little heed to status, personality and position in the public eye.

In some cases, as humans as we are, we disregard what our true identity is. We underrate our fortes and characteristics when we go through problems. Particularly, when you’re being looked down on by somebody due to a deformity or lack of something.

Many people have been subverted in various ways, hence cause them to feel such a lot of pain in them. For example, when Derrick, was demeaned by quite a wealthy man:

“Moronic Poor Man, Who Do You Think You’re”? – the man said.

Derrick is a Mason who has three children trying his best to earn enough money to pay the bills and to take care of his family.

He had this full masonry contract with this wealthy man, and after a perfect work done, he requested for his full payment. The owner of the house continued to deprive him of his payment to a great extent.

Derrick was extremely patient for a very long time, until it went past the ‘line’. He at last approached the house owner, and the outcome was horrible.

The owner gave to the man, series of unprintable words, without thinking about the pain those words might have caused to the artisan.

In a breach of contract, the house owner again said in a loud voice:

” You’re no one, I can decide to pay you or not”

Each individual has some extraordinary characteristics or qualities that form the foundation of us, and they include, integrity, courage, self-awareness, and wholeheartedness.. These qualities characterize who we are as people. Apart from this, when you’re self-relaint, you can bear responsibilities and be accountable.

In accordance with this, the bricklayer showed every one of the qualities of a sensible person. He was exceptionally patient with the house owner, he used his integrity not to answer him during the insensitivity. The bricklayer additionally showed some good faith (optimism) by being an extraordinary leader, confident and positive.

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His confidence allowed him to have an impression of sureness and security towards the future and towards the environment. Also, his creativity was spot on, and his passion for the work was also good.

Doing every one of these under the brick work contract, implies Derrick was practically an ideal individual definitely. So the owner had no option to sabotage his integrity and, surprisingly, his work done. The owner seems to be rather missing numerous human relation qualities.

Every human being has some sort of humility, helpfulness, openness, honesty, selflessness and perseverance etc. which are some of the great qualities that make a person an influential personality.

This is who you’re!!

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