Who Is Chantel Anombase? The Full Facts About Her


A couple of months ago, I was hurriedly going through my radio channels and in the long run, landed on a station with an exceptionally gorgeous, unwinding and relieving voice speaking. I got drawn in and stopped on there.

It was an inspiring lady called Rita Chantel Anombase prominently known as ‘Kassena Girl’. She is the host of the Mid-morning show ‘Brunch In The Citi’ on Citi 97.3 FM (quite possibly the best radio broadcasts in the city, Accra).

Chantel is also a television cooking show producer with heaps of experience in the media space. The On Air Personality has over years, incredibly entertained listeners on radio but since January 2022 to the present, she has enlivened and persuaded millions through her voice on Citi FM.

Right from Ultimate 106.9 FM in Kumasi where she went through more than 3 years hosting a comparable show on air (Ultimate Brunch), the Kassena Girl has been incredible with her delivery on air.

Indeed, even prior to being one of the best mid-morning show hosts on radio, Chantel had gone through almost all the positions- from being a marketing executive, selling the station’s programs and projects to corporate institutions and various other organizations, by sourcing for sponsorships.

The native of Upper East region’s ascent to the top in the media space she ends up in now, is because of being focused on following her passion from day one, disregarding all impediments. She has a tall list of a good résumé that clearly defines her success now, despite the fact that she actually thinks the sky is still her limit.

As a matter of fact, Chantel has an endless experience in fields like–feature article writing, event planning and promotions, public relations, proposal writing, Interior designing and landscaping, project management and a few other media related expertises.

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Chantel’s broadcasting abilities is absolutely unimaginable, as she knows how to introduce her audience members every weekday on her show with that fine voice matched with her phenomenal command on the Queen’s language. Her interview or conversation skills, presentation and her delivery of information to listeners is one of her uniqueness.

Chantel Anombase is currently studying a degree in Marketing at the Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU).

The former beauty pageant winner is also passionate about women, and is looking for sponsorship to help the renovation of the Korle-Bu maternity ward to decrease the risk of maternal mortality and furthermore supporting projects started by her predecessors.

Her service to humanity has forever been her mantra. Over the years, Chantel has served people through volunteering and assisting the aged and the orphans. On the other side, music and the arts is her major attraction.

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