Dziffa Akua

Each morning from Monday to Friday, when you switch on your TV set, you have no choice than to leave your channel at Citi TV. Reason being that, you get the opportunity to see a lovely and an expressive moderator Dzifa Akua Ametem serving you with a day by day Breakfast on your TV.

Dziffa Akua Ametam is the co-host of Breakfast Daily on one of Ghana’s finest TV station, Citi TV. Dziffa has an exceptional way of presenting with a command on the English language. As agreeable as she is on TV, Dziffa makes your morning an excellent one without a strain on the eye by watching her.

Prior to working at Citi TV, Dziffa functioned as the founder of an online market center that connects local producers of true handcrafted products to global buyers.

She has additionally filled in as a Communications Teaching Fellow at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology where she helped splendid business visionaries from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa discover neighborhood answers for worldwide issues.

At Citi, she has been unimaginably magnificent up until this point, and demonstrated to all pundits how you can host a program without fundamentally being fairly boisterous on air.

As one of the professional Ghanaian journalists, she was honoured for her hard work and exceptional commitment to society at the Glitz Women Honors in 2018. This honor was also an acknowledgment for her impact and endeavors as a social business visionary.

Dziffa had also experienced challenging times as a young lady to discover her voice. She found the intensity of writing from Mariama Ba and the significance of community working from Wangari Mattai. From that point forward, she has had the vim to be a fine journalist.

Dziffa consistently continue encouraging women to use any opportunity they get to rouse others with their background. Dziffa has such a great amount of enthusiasm for children, and believes there are a huge number of African kids trusting that womens’ story will be told so they can shape themselves into the incredible, confident, brave women the African continent merits.

Dziffa with a school kid

In 2015, Dziffa launched ‘Reviving Made in Ghana’ as a team with the Ghana Mission to the United Nations. The occasion displayed and observed Ghana’s inventive industry, and was attended by business people, entrepreneurs and understudies in New York City and Washington, D.C.

In October 2017, Dziffa teamed up with Impact Hub NYC on Ghana Made, Tackling 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through Enterprise.

In December 2017, Dziffa worked with the Ministry of Trade and Industry on the Ghana Made Christmas Street Fair. The principal reasonable of its sort zeroed in on tempting the Ghanaian public to shop locally made merchandise for these special seasons.

Dziffa’s work promoting Made-in-Ghana laanded her an appointment as a Made-in-Ghana brands Ambassador in 2017 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

She was honoured as the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year by African Youth Excellence, named Top 30 Under 30 Rising Stars of Ghana by the Future of Ghana and named Top 100 Visionary Women to Watch in 2016 by Innov8tiv.

You can catch Dziffa Akua Ametem on Citi TV each morning, 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM, Monday-Friday. Also, expect her to make the most of her delivery on socially improved discussions, social conversations, and entertainment.

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