Whoopi Goldberg Wants A Change For Americans

Whoopi Goldberg

American actress Whoopi Goldberg has shared a message for everybody on Facebook on Juneteenth. In a video posted on her page, the multiple award winning on-screen personality went straight to her point and remarked on why America needs a change plus few other issues.

She said:

“I just want to say happy Juneteenth,” she stated. “I wanted to point out something. It is such a refreshing thing to see people marching all over the country saying ‘we want a change’ and ‘we want it, we all see what is going on.’”

“We want to make the change for everybody. For all of our transgender friends, for all of our Black friendS, for all of our female friends, for all of our friends who feel like they have no way to change the system,” she continued.

“We are marching together and together, we are changing the system.”

“The View” co-host then gave a warning. “We have to make sure not to leave anybody behind. Because sometimes, when you get yours, you want everyone to work to get there’s. But I call BS on that and say let’s make this change for everybody.”

“Let’s get rid of systemic racism…let’s just get rid of the systemic-isms that we live with every day. If we do that, we might actually find the peace we all say we want.”

“Let’s remember that Pride is something we all carry and we all should be supporting our brothers and sisters,” she said. “We can do this together.”

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