Why Are African-Americans Searching For Citizenship In Africa?

Some African-Americans In Ghana

Since 2016, the narrative has changed for the Western World particularly African-Americans as far as double citizenship is concerned. Numerous individuals have implied this to the U.S political elections and the Brexit referendum. The greater part of these Black people are currently starting to move back to Africa to explore life on the African continent and to scan for their underlying foundations. Strangely, lion’s share of African-Americans are starting to acknowledge they have to return to verify their actual offspring or country.

Now the big question: Is it on account of issues of racism and persecution out there? All things considered, that is a long story for another time. That might be one of the elements in light of the fact that there have been a few accounts of this sort where Africans and even African-Americans face bigotry in different viewpoints around the globe. I for one had an experience with Nina, an African American living in the U.S, and from her point of view, the majority of them believe it’s opportunity to arrive back to their underlying foundations. After all, it’s their homeland and they must be a part of this community.

Notwithstanding them being in different other Europen and American countries, they still have a spot in Africa. Regarding this, Nina who is from Berekum in Ghana attests that since an African country like Ghana has passed the “Right of Abode” program for individuals with African family line, they believe they rapidly need to follow their underlying foundations and be a part of the entire home reception. She is additionally of the view that the best way to change the 400 years of mistreatment is by advancing black solidarity on a worldwide scale.

This would be a definitive advantage of double citizenship. As a matter of fact, the majority of them (African-Americans) presently have citizenship in Ghana as the President of Ghana recently gave citizenship rights to numerous African-Americans during their ongoing visit to Ghana. This is regarding Ghana’s Homecoming festivity where practically all African-Americans living outside the country especially Americans have just been to the country. Others are as yet visiting as I talk.

Some Participants at the Homecoming – Year of Return in Ghana

The genuine truth behind this citizenship is that in case you’re not over half African but wants to be a resident, it’s a No!! The only person who by law has been completely given that citizenship is the late Bob Marley’s better half, Rita Marley. Rita is the only African-American to have gotten that full advantages of this arrangement and has been allowed a permanent stay in the country.

In any case, it’s quiet shocking to realize that a few Africans don’t entertain double citizenship in their country. Some reliable reviews uncover that the continent would embrace more than one billion guests and nearly $7 billion of joined consumer and business spending in the coming years. Hereafter, most organizations will generate more income from this whole event.

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