Why Negative Work Attitude In Ghana Is Impeding Growth

Kojo Soboh

The founder of the Exclusive Men of the Year (EMY) Africa Awards, Kojo Soboh, has revealed that many Ghanaians attitude towards work is very horrible.

He said their negative mentality to work is affecting the nature of productions in the entertainment space and making it hard to accomplish greatness.

He gave these remarks on Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz in a recent interview.

“Our work attitude in Ghana is terrible, and that’s why we are not able to achieve that kind of level of excellence”, he said. He described the work attitude of Ghanaians as “terrible.”

As per Mr. Soboh, the awful working mentalities have piled additional weight on him as he needs to obsessively fuss over each part of any production he leads.

He expressed that without consistent monitoring of the production team, particularly the local artisans, one’s production might tumble.

The founder of EMY Africa added that it is disheartening when some individuals give off an impression of being in need of a job, yet become inert and afterward disregard their duties or responsibilities.

The renowned event planner explained how he always has to be available at the working place to make sure work is done well.

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He said not every person can have the option to entertain these mentalities towards work and that, he needed to constantly invest additional energy to supervise their productions all the time.

The EMY Africa Awards is one of the most successful and excellent schemes in Ghana. Mr. Soboh said this did not come easily, as he was made to be involved in the nitty-gritty of the production.

“It’s terrible, and if you are just one person, you can’t be everywhere, but unfortunately, you have to be everywhere in order to achieve the kind of excellence we achieve at the EMY Africa awards,” he added.

However, on the back of these frustrations, he complimented a few of his employees who perform their duties with due diligence, as well as service providers such as production designer Tony Prince Tomety and sound engineer consultant, Francis Kwakye.

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