Why Would You Want To Leave Ghana When You Earn GH¢5,000 Or More — Serwaa Amihere

Serwaa Amihere

Due to joblessness issues in Ghana, a downpour of people, particularly the youth are leaving the country consistently. Their explanation is simple_ to look for better opportunities abroad.

Some of these transients also blame low income, and a weak government system as their justification behind leaving the country.

Media character and brand influencer Serwaa Amihere has added her voice to this issue. She highlighted previously existing worries raised by some government officials and other characters with respect to the exit of Ghanaian youth from the country.

On Sunday March 31, the brand influencer made a tweet that ignited responses among several X users.

In her tweet, she revealed that Ghanaians, particularly those aged between twenty (20) to thirty (30) who are earning no less than GH¢5,000 in salary, shouldn’t hurriedly think about leaving the country.

“I think if you are in your 20s and 30s and earning, at least, GHC5,000 and above you shouldn’t rush to leave Ghana. It’s not all that rosy out there,” she tweeted.

In any case, a few X users who answered the post also argued that it’s hard to find a young person with the predefined age range referenced by Serwaa Amihere who makes such a lot of money given the country’s ongoing economic circumstances.

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Others also contended that, considering the economic challenges, such an amount is insufficient to support oneself and dependents. Furthermore, for some, the decision to depart Ghana isn’t solely driven by wealth, but also by factors like improved healthcare and other amenities that enhance the quality of life in a country.

The following are some of the responses from people on X:

• Reality is, a great deal of 20s and 30s don’t have some work.

• Fact is, a lot of 20s & 30s don’t even have a job.

• The unemployment rate in Ghana is so high

• Those earning 5K, the cost of living is making it difficult for them to save.

• You can be on 5,000 salary and you’ll save 300 years to afford the affordable housing project by govt.

• Gh¢5000 is USD380. People aren’t leaving Ghana because of salary alone, they are because of a good system. Thus better health service, better education, better standards of living. GH hard, Abroad too hard but you for choose your “hard” wisely ????????

• I still will run from this hell of the country if the chance comes even though I receive 1000+$ at the end of the month through multiple works. This place is hell, and we must all run

• 10k a month sef I go still leave. Cos it’s not about earning thst 10k but the system chaley. You wake up early morning no light,In the evening light comes but your internet cable go tear.The next morning Some trailer spoil for High street top causing massive traffic. Chaley Wei??

• More than 70% of public sector workers earn lesser than 3000 per month so the 5k earners aren’t that much. And it’s not just about money, but quality of life. Dumsor, water not flowing, bad roads, poor healthcare, etc. if not for you, do it for your unborn children.

This debate came up when a question sprung up on X, whether one ought to choose between a monthly pay of GH¢10,000 while living in Ghana or $3,000 in another country.

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