Will Smith Reveals How He Nearly Turned Down This Outstanding Film Role

Will Smith

Actor Will Smith was close to turning down his most iconic role, until producer Steven Spielberg reached out.

Will Smith revealed that, he nearly turned down this famous role if not for Steven Spielberg who seemed to saved the story. He has notwithstanding, honored his old manager James Lassiter for assisting him with picking good motion pictures.

Since his early days in acting, the actor has taken on each iconic role in succession with great eyes for quality. However, in a recent interview, Smith said he nearly turned down his most top and conspicuous role today, ‘Men In Black’, that was until Steven Spielberg assumed control over issues. In fact, he was actually persuaded by Steve Spielberg.

In the interview with Kevin Hart, the Oscar winner detailed that he had zero desire to play the role of now iconic Agent J. The 54-year-old recollected that when the ‘Men In Black’ was proposed to him, he at first declined.

He referenced the explanation for it was that, he had quite recently gotten done with chipping away at another film that included Aliens, Independence Day. The actor said he “didn’t want to make two alien movies back to back.”

However, Spielberg, who was the Executive producer of ‘Men In Black, was resolved not to accept a ‘No’ from Smith. Taking matters into his own hands, he personally reached out to the actor, making a direct effort to persuade him to take on the film.

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The Bad Boys actor remembered,

“Steven Spielberg sent a helicopter for me, I was in New York. To talk to me. It landed at his house.” In his own words, he was left flabbergasted. He joked, “And he had me at hello. … And it was the first time I ever had lemonade with carbonated water. You can’t say no to that.”

Throughout his career, the actor revealed that he came close to declining several roles if it weren’t for James Lassiter, his former manager, and long-time business partner. As per the 54-year-old Lassiter was “the arbiter of taste.” and was the reason he ultimately accepted some of his most notable projects and roles.

Smith revealed that, In the heyday, the 10 movies he made at the top of his career, Lassiter chose the films. Despite his initial hesitations, his manager’s keen eye and vision influenced Smith to take on projects like ‘Pursuit of Happyness’, and ‘Ali‘, even though at first he was uncertain about them.

Meanwhile, the actor has been keeping busy lately, as his guild has joined the SAG-Aftra strike.

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