Will Smith’s Upcoming Projects Now On Hold

As per reports, Hollywood star Will Smith has a forthcoming film that should have been released, yet it has been put on hold. The hold up due to the Oscars 2022 occurrence where he smacked Chris Rock in front of an audience.

Indeed, even after his conciliatory sentiment to the Academy and all who were affected by his actions, Smith is as yet confronting a few challenges in his career. The actor’s forthcoming projects are in a tough situation in the midst of the controversy, as indicated by Hollywood Reporter.

The report further says, Netflix has stopped the development of the entertainer’s forthcoming action film “Fast And Loose“. The movie recently confronted one more enormous change as director David Leitch pulled out from it to deal with Ryan Gosling’s “Fall Guy”.

While “Fast And Loose” might be waiting, Will’s other forthcoming projects which includes: “Emancipation”, an AppleTV+ dramatization, is yet to affirm its release date.

Will Smith Has Now Resigned: Academy Accepts His Resignation

Additionally, the actor has been in chats with ‘Terrible Boys 4’ as Sony is also said to have placed a respite on the project in the midst of the Oscars episode.

The 2022 Best Actor Award winner recently put out an statement with respect to his abdication from The Academy where he tended to the slap episode and referred to it as “painful, and inexcusable“.

With respect to Chris Rock, the comedian addressed the incident during his recent comedy show in Boston and maintained that he is still getting over what happened.

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