Will The Ghana Music Awards Come Off As Planned?

For such a large number of years, Charter House, an event organization who are the master brain behind Ghana Music Awards, has been bringing to us the best of entertainment consistently.

In April every year, the committee of the Music Awards release the list of nominees for each category for the main awards show, and during this time, it’s all fun and delight as huge number of entertainment lovers gather up at the scene of the ceremony to have a great time.

Lamentably, this year, the honors has been delayed until further notification because of the pandemic, coronavirus. Ghana was ‘getting a charge out of’ a three week lockdown until on the nineteenth of April 2020, when it was evacuated.

Despite the fact that the lockdown has been lifted, social gatherings according to the President of Ghana, is still in force. Regardless of whether it is a memorial service function, church activities, and all other type of social events including the Music Awards, nobody has the option to arrange any event until further notification.

Prior to these announcements by the President, Nana Akkufo-Addo, Organizers of the Ghana Music Awards had plans of holding the show by means of a virtual platform. Since the restriction has been lifted, some pundits have been asking whether the 2020 Ghana Music Awards will fall off through the virtual platform as stated by the board.

Speaking on the issue, the Mr Robert Klah, Public Events and Communication Manager, has expressed that, the board will plan and decide whether the Awards show will fall off or not.

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