With Spotify’s New Cards, You Can Now Merge Your Musical Tastes In One..

Throughout the last year, Spotify started introducing new tools for creators to directly interact with their audience through video digital broadcasts, Q&As, and Polls.

The outfit has also empowered experiences like ‘Blend’, which permits audience members to combine their musical preferences with their friends in one shared playlist. That is not all, Spotify has also introduced their voice-controlled in-application experience, “Hello Spotify.”

The organization is bringing interactivity to the audio Ad experience.

Regardless of whether you’re impacting your Customized On Repeat playlist during your morning runs, et cetera, expert-music and talk are your dependable friends.

Spotify is however eager to announce a new advertisement experience launching across podcasts: Call To Action (CTA) cards.

CTA cards will show up in the application when a webcast ads starts playing, and will reemerge later on while you’re exploring the Spotify application making it more straightforward to look at the brand, product, or services you caught wind of while tuning in.

CTA cards will make it simpler for you to directly find the products and services you’re keen on without having a memorable difficult promotion code or vanity URL.

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With the launch of this new Ad experience, Spotify is making podcast advertisements interactive for the first time, changing the arrangement from something that must be heard, into an experience that you can also see – and above all, click.

With digital audio being such a multitasking-friendly and engaging medium, more people are listening than ever before.

For example in the U.S., mobile time spent listening to audio content is now outpacing time spent on social media, video, and gaming, according to eMarketer. CTA cards are the latest step in Spotify’s vision for the future of audio as an interactive, multi-way experience.

CTA cards are now available across select Spotify Original & Exclusive podcasts in the U.S. Advertisers can be especially excited—as Spotify’s tests have shown twice as many site visits with these new clickable ads compared to non-clickable podcast ads.

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