Wizz Air To Pay Out Millions To Passengers. Here’s Why

Reports reveal that, UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Wizz Air have been in touch for a really long time after getting the high volume of complains that the airline has failed to compensate travelers as needs be, particularly in instances of flight cancellations, according to SchengenVisaInfo.com.

CAA’s executives say, it had informed Wizz Air that their passengers’ treatment over the course of the last year was unsatisfactory and proceeded to say that carriers should meet their commitment with respect to flight cancellations or delays. If not, the regulator wouldn’t hold back to step in assuming airlines fail to do as such.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) added that passengers have every right to expect airlines to respond to their complaints and claims promptly and fairly, in accordance with regulations.

As a result, they will continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure that passengers are compensated and that Wizz Air’s policies have been updated to provide customers with a better experience in the event of a problem.

Because of the CAA’s activities, Wizz Air has drawn in with the regulator and has committed to changing its procedures, passenger communications, and policies. The airline has also agreed to reasses claims for flight cost replacements, transfers to other airports, and covering hotel expenses.

The authority also explained that this action will apply to claims made for flights planned to leave from or show up at a UK air terminal after March 18, 2022, and cases from this period will be consequently checked.

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Claims made before March 18 can also be reopened, but passengers must ensure those flights were no more than six years ago.

Wizz Air has faced ongoing criticism, being called the UK’s worst airline according to consumer body Which?.

Passengers have experienced being stranded due to flight cancellations and have also made complaints about being charged fees at the airport when they couldn’t check in due to technical issues with the airline’s website, which tended to be numerous during this period.

The airline provided information that indicated that it had received 5.3 million passengers in June alone. The total number of passengers that had been recorded thus far this year had almost reached 27 million, which is nearly double the number of passengers that had been received in 2022, when approximately 16 million passengers reached the destination.

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