Would Ghana Be Able To Stop The High Rise COVID-19 Infection Rate?

As at now, Ghana’s coronavirus contamination rate has surpassed 29,000, drawing near to 30,000 which unmistakably depicts how risky it is for the residents. Some wellbeing specialists have recommended that the country ought to consider going for another lockdown because of the rising numbers.

According to some health care laborers including doctors, the infection continues evolving its ‘face’, as the World Health Organization (WHO) continues ‘tossing in’ new prudent steps to contain the ailment. Many people are as of now fed up with WHO, and as indicated by such individuals, the organization continues frightening the world with several most recent updates on COVID-19.

Away from that, Ghana’s first case was in March 2020, and from that point forward, the numbers continue rising frightfully. Evidently, the fundamental element here is that: are the people sticking to the security protocols? If yes, then what could be the issue?

Loads of doctors are worried and simultaneously insinuating that, the Ghanaian people are not taking the presence of the pandemic seriously. Much the same as California State in the U.S where the inhabitants are taking the COVID-19 pandemic on a light note, a similar way Ghanaians are ‘messing’ with it.

Interestingly, Californians are as regular setting off to the beaches, clubs and other parties without thinking of any potential repercussions – in fact, they care less. In Ghana, the vast majority are forced to wear their PPEs like the face mask by security authorities, as though the police or security staff is obligatorily helping them save their lives.

Then again, others don’t believe the presence of the pandemic, hence move around town thoughtlessly without considering the guiltless individual close to them. After the lifting of Ghana’s first lockdown, the President of the country, Nana Akufo-Addo Dankwah announced that, not in excess of 100 individuals should assemble at any gathering whatsoever.

But what do we see? These safety measures have been ignored by numerous individuals at memorial service grounds, parties and other get-togethers subtly. The people regard their cultural values so much that, briefly nailing them down has been a significant issue for the dominant part.

The rising numbers of the infection rate has not been static but continues moving like a fast train. Not only are the residents getting contaminated by the pandemic but political leaders who rather announced the prudent measures to forestall the virus have also been hit by it.

Some of these officials are currently infected and are recouping. Many people are in their numbers gladly selling in market centres particularly food items without face masks, a few schools have reopened without strict rules.

People are packed in metro mass travel transports, whilst some religious admirers are furtively doing their ordinary style of worshiping ignoring the safety protocols put aside by the President.

In fact, several other things that helps in escalating the infection rate are as yet ongoing. Until Ghana decide to go on another lockdown or acquaint severe measures to control the contamination rate, the country will even now be seeing frightening numbers as the days pass by.

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