X, formerly Twitter Is Coming Up With New Subscription Tiers

X, the social media service formerly known as Twitter, will launch two new tiers of subscriptions for users, according to the owner, Elon Musk.

One tier will be “lower cost with all features, but no reduction in ads,” while the other is “more expensive, but has no ads,” Musk said.

The social media organization as of now has a $8 each month subscription service called X Premium.

Earlier, X announced it will start a test that charges users $1 each year in New Zealand and the Philippines just so users can be able in to “post & interact with other posts.” X said it is part of a program designed to fight spam and bot activity. Those who opt out will only be able to read posts.

It’s indistinct if the $1 yearly subscription is one of the two new subscription tiers that Musk is referring to.

Users who joined to this can get the blue mark for them meaning it has been confirmed and has other unique features, for example, the capacity to edit a post.

Since assuming control over Twitter in October 2022 and rebranding to X, Musk has rolled out many changes, including cuts to trust and safety teams and removing the blue checkmark from nonpaying accounts.

This Is The Justification For Why Twitter Is Rebranding

The blue checkmark helped users identify authentic accounts belonging to public figures. Musk has also reinstated previously banned accounts on the platform.

Those changes have scared off advertisers. In July, Musk said X’s cash flow remains negative because of a nearly 50% drop in advertising revenue coupled with “heavy debt.”

New subscriptions could be a bid to improve the company’s finances and open new revenue streams.

As at now, X is facing challenges from less mature players such as Meta’s
Threads and Bluesky.

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