Yemi Alade’s ‘Shekere’ With Legendary Angelique Kidjoe Is One In A Kind!

Angelique Kidjo with Yemi Alade (right)

Yemi Alade has been in the music business for some time now and has extraordinarily found real success for these number of years. The Nigerian songstress is without question, one of the top acts in her country as well as over the continent of Africa and beyond.

The 31 year old was the winner of Nigeria’s ‘Peak Talent Show’ in 2009, and had a hit with her single “Johnny” in 2014. Since that time, she has consistently advanced in her music career with huge number of awards coming her direction.

Alade has hits like King of Queens, Shekere, Oh My Gosh, Woman of Steel and some more. Reliably, Yemi Alade has refuted pundits why she is seemingly one of the best artists in Nigeria. She has created hit after hit tunes and in the not so long ago, she released another banger that featured Grammy Award winning singer, Angelique Kidjo.

One would have felt that, the American, Beninois, French Kidjo who has that enormous clout in the music world, would not simply feature on any melody dependent on her credibility, but No! She astounded all music fans with a collaboration with Nigeria’s own, Yemi Alade on the melody ‘Shekere’.

The tune was very well composed with the 60 year old Beninois, Angelique Kidjo adding more ‘flavor’ to it. In as much as the tune is a good one, the video also portrayed a run of the mill African touch that anticipated the beauty of the continent.

bits of the video

Created by Yemi Alade herself and Taiye Aliyu, the ‘Shekere’ video additionally had the Sarakasi Dancers in it, who are similarly renowned on the landmass for fantastic dancing. With support from Maasai Mara National Reserve, Maara Wildlife Balloon Services, Travel Agency Smiles Beckwith, Transport Partner Bonfire Adventures, Keekorok lodge, and Ushanga Women Group, the video accompanies first class editing.

In the video was Africa’ Premiere Diva, Angelique Kidjo who is additionally an extremist of Nigerian plunge, also fraternizing with Yemi Alade in a lovely African clothing. The joint effort is essentially truly outstanding undoubtedly.

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