Yossou N’Dour: Richest African Musician, Latest Album And More

Senegalese Legendary singer Youssou N’Dour’s most renowned song was ‘Eyes Open‘. This tune peaked at #1 in 1992, and the world moved to it enormously.

Youssou N’Dour is one of Africa’s celebrated singer, songwriter, composer, occasional actor, businessman, and a demi-politician.

As somebody who is depicted as, perhaps the most well known singer alive in Senegal and much of Africa, by Rolling Stone magazine in 2004, Youssou N’Dour has been exceptionally relevant to date.

The 61 year old, who is also a percussionist has been very active in music since the 1970s–to the present. He has made a mind boggling accomplishment in Africa as perhaps the biggest brand on the continent.

N’Dour fostered a style of famous Senegalese music known by all Senegambians (including the Wolof) as mbalax, a classification that has consecrated starting points in the Serer music njuup custom and ndut initiation ceremonies.

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“He mounts the stage, takes a gander at the group, and with a particularly exceptional voice, he always performs respectably to the joy of the fans”. One fan said in an interview. The manifold music award winner has that reputation in Africa!.

Youssou N’Dour’s singing ability is poetry in motion, fitting the musical poetry of his divine score well beyond the literary inspiration.

Without exaggeration, almost all his songs are hits that have coexisted with people across the world- – and they include: ‘Set’ which crested at #1 in 1990, ‘The Guide’ (Wommat) which also peaked at #2 in 1994. ‘Guide, Nothing’s In Vain, Egypt, Dakar-Kingston and several other tunes.

Youssou N’Dour has been recognized and honored at many credible music events including: MTV Europe Music Award, Brits Awards, Danish Music Awards, Edison Awards and surprisingly the Grammy Awards. Youssou N’Dour was really the first African to be nominated at the Grammy’s in 1993.

His Album ‘Eyes Open’ was named in the Best World Music Album category at the lofty awards. He has been honoured at numerous other awards ceremonies all throughout the world for his accomplishments all through this load of years in music.

Other than his music talent, Youssou N’Dour also went into filmmaking as an actor, and has been featured in some films including Award winning “Return to Gorée” in (2007) directed by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud and Youssou N’Dour: I Bring What I Love (2008) directed by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, which were released all throughout the world.

Youssou N’Dour dug into politics in 2012 as Senegal’s Minister of Tourism, yet bowed out in September 2013, for reasons most popular to him. He bounced back to music and currently has a beautiful new single out– called ‘Wàññiko’.

As at 2021, Legendary singer Youssou N’Dour is the richest African musician with a net worth of around 145 million U.S. dollars. He is among Africa’s most famous singers, and a successful businessman who owns a media empire in Senegal.

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