You Can Now Share Your Contents Simultaneously On Twitter And Facebook

Every single one of social media network is one of a kind in it’s own particular manner. One of them is Twitter. Twitter keeps updating its system to be the best among the rest. Usually, when you need to post a content on any of the web-based social networking, you do so individually as opposed to having the conceivable outcomes of sharing along the content through all the social networks simultaneously.

For Twitter, you can without much of a stretch connect your Twitter account to Facebook to make sharing simpler. You can also cross-post between social media platforms. Anyway you can simultaneously, unlink it whenever you feel like.

Twitter has updated its policies hence Facebook won’t enable tweets to be auto-presented on your Facebook profile. All things considered, you can make your Facebook announcements auto-post to Twitter.

A great number of people have for such a long time experienced trouble in quick multiple posting via social media. For example, when imparting content to family and relatives on Facebook, its very hard to physically post to different networks. Today, everything appears to be easier as it is done at the same time on both Twitter and Facebook.

How about we go to the procedure of how to interface both Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Subsequent to signing into your Facebook account, go to on your PC.
  2. Click the green “Link My Profile to Twitter” button.
  3. You will be diverted to Twitter, at that point you hit the “Authorize App” button subsequent to reviewing the details of the account connection feature.
  4. After the abovementioned, you will at that point be diverted back to Facebook, where your connection will be affirmed. It is currently dependent upon you to affirm which Facebook highlights, regardless of whether status, photos, links, videos, and co. are cross-presented on Twitter. At that point you uncheck the crates for any alternatives you would prefer not to be cross-posted, and click “Save Changes.”
  5. Bingo!! Your Twitter and Facebook accounts will be connected.

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