You Should Probably Be Talking To Your Boyfriend About This Great Vocalist, Enam

Coming into the music business was fairly simple for Enam, as she was immediately perceived by the majority because of her uniqueness in her melodies.

Enam’s entrance to the music Industry was like a lightning with no adverse effect. Obviously, the Afropop songstress’ one of a kind voice, melody courses of action and power over her verses shot her to this far in the music industry.

Apart from her vocal capacity, her ‘strange’ hairstyle has perhaps, also pulled in more fans to her craft since it’s sort of exceptionally phenomenal.

Enam had just been featured in Lord Paper’s hit track “What Do Girls Really Want” in 2018 preceding her personal single releases. She came out with another calibrate “After Six”. From that point forward, Enam has staggeringly advanced to higher statures through her ear-satisfying tunes.

Born Angela Enam Keteku, the songstress produced beautiful tunes which includes: ‘Manna’ ft. Lord Paper, ‘Aftown’ among others. As an autonomous artist, Enam has the adaptability of doing numerous things in his music profession.

She writes and sings herself and in some cases adds to the coordinating of her lovely music videos.

The ground-breaking and motivating vocalist has the abilities to be on the album of any top craftsman on the planet as she has ‘that thing’ in her voice.

Enam has recently released another good tune “Talk To Your Boyfriend” that includes two fine female artists Sister Derby and Tneeya. The tune is all around well composed with these singers also adding some sort of ‘flavor’ to the tune.

In as much as the melody is excelling on radio and other platforms, the video of “Talk To Your Boyfriend” is also luring. The video has in fact represented the inclining tune and in the blink of an eye, this tune will probably be topping charts in Ghana.

Enam is a great Afropop songstress who can switch between any genre of music. That is the sort of person she is!

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