Why Kotoka International Airport Is One Of The Finest In The World

During the Year of Return Ghana 2019 Celebration, numerous individuals made a trip down to Ghana to be a part of this significant occasion that pulled in various kinds of individuals including world’s acclaimed superstars. However, during the arrival to Ghana’s International Airport, practically every one of the vacationers who descended was dazzled with the country’s Airport.

Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport which is under the activity of Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) was totally transformed with an estimated investment amount of $250 million in March 2016. The Airport experienced a significant change venture that included the new passenger terminal.

Fact is, a great deal of universal guests have praised Ghana with such dazzling structure of an Airport. This modern type infrastructure has been delightfully intended to oblige close to 5,000,000 travelers in a year. The huge space here has moseyed down the blockage and pressure that was on the other terminals with a parking spot and an accessible ability to deal with in excess of 700 vehicles.

The Kotoka International Airport’s Terminal 3 has six air ship contact remains with two extra remote stands. The new terminal was formally launched in September 2018 with the structure producing many jobs for people. Other than the tourism industry, the new terminal’s design is as per the most recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) prerequisites dependent on ideal assistance level.

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One engaging news for guests is that the surface vehicle parking is situated inside the walking distance from the terminal, thus you don’t really need to invest a lot of energy walking. The terminal 3 which was intended for universal traffic, contains five levels spread over a territory of 45,000m². And the Terminal 3 has been commended as one of the ultra-present day terminals in the world.

Kotoka International Airport has attracted millions of visitors around the world after the transformation

Aside from the enormous retail and business zone, three business lounges, six fixed connections and seven air spans expandable to eight highlights of the Kotoka International Airport, the delightful edifice can likewise flaunt a redesigned flight offers.

The Departure Terminal

This level of the terminal involves 56 registration work areas, 30 identification control counters, four e-entryway positions, and eight security paths.

Arrival Terminal

The arrival level houses 24 movement counters, four e-entryway positions expandable to eight, and four baggage carousel territories.

A fully automated baggage handling system designed in accordance with the latest European Civil Aviation Conference Hold Baggage Screening (ECAC HBS) requirements is also provided to handle 3,500 bags an hour.

Ghana’s International Airport has driven the economy in diverse ways as the aviation sector has positively impacted the country’s GDP. Kotoka International Airport has pulled in more airlines into their airspace. It has additionally, extended the aircraft business and further lift trade and investment in the country.

As the gateway to Africa and as a territorial avionics center point, the Kotoka International Airport has so far added to the Ghana’s economy by encouraging business sector network and by lessening the cost of doing business.

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