Zambia’s Fourth President, Banda Is No More

Former Zambian president Rupiah Banda has passed on. He died on Friday March 11, at age 85. Mr Banda has been battling colon cancer beginning around 2020 before his death.

The former President’s son Andrew Banda announced the former leader’s passing on that same day, Friday March 11.

“He is gone” he said.

Rupiah Banda was Zambia’s fourth president since freedom from Britain. He served for quite some time (3years) from 2008 – a term associated with economic development and corruption charges.

During his tenure, Zambia’s economy grew mainly on the rear of rising copper costs and a flood in Chinese investment.

Mr Banda sought after a construction binge, which began under Mwanawasa, building much-needed roads, hospitals and schools.

Zambia recorded a 7.6 percent expansion in growth for 2011, up from 6.4 percent the earlier year, for which Banda took acknowledgment.

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He was VP when his ancestor Levy Mwanawasa out of the blue, capitulated to stroke, impelling him to take over the position.

Unfortunately for Mr Banda, he was defeated by opposition leader Michael Sata in the September 2011 elections, since wealth accumulated in the hands of a few and that corruption allegations defacing his reputation.

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