Zoom Video App Is The World’s Most Downloaded Video App, Ranking Top Of TikTok

For some time now, many people are tremendously stuck to Zoom (a video application), than some other video applications. Most video callers including TV stations, now use the application more, as they call their guests via the app.

The US-based-based video conferencing application has outperformed TikTok, another fine video application with 131 million installations in April alone.

India has been the biggest contributors of the complete number of downloads during the month of April with over 18.0%, followed by the US, representing 14.3%.

Indeed, TikTok was the most downloadable video application, with everybody getting a chomp of it as of late. In March 2020, TikTok had more than 115.2 million installations, and recorded 107 million introduces in April, therefore is now positioned second to Zoom.

It is intriguing that, the same India and the US once more, contributed the most with 22% and 9.4% of the downloads individually.

At present, Zoom has ousted TikTok to be the most downloaded video application all inclusive in April in the non-gaming classification.

Zoom has been making strides during the overall lockdown forced to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first quarter of this current year, Zoom recorded the most noteworthy downloads from India – 6 million downloads out of an aggregate of 80 million.

On Google Play Store and the App Store, Zoom has more than 2 billion downloads as of now.

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