K Jay Returns With A Beautiful Banger!

K Jay

With various mind blowing artists in Ghana, you need to have a specific shrewdness to be exceptional in the music business. That is what K Jay is all about, particularly with such lovely performing voice that always draws in people to pay attention to him.

Right from the ‘Stars Of The Future’ music reality days when he shot up to fame, K Jay released beautiful melodies that called for enormous joint collaboration with other big artists like Adina Thembi on ‘Someone Loves You’.

In a recent interview on radio (Hitz 103.9 FM), the Ghanaian Afro/soul artist revealed that, he has been working, despite the fact that people reckon he was on a music seclusion.

When asked about for what valid reason he has still not gained ground in the music business, despite the fact that he has one of the best and unique voices, K Jay said he has been working, but isn’t enormously out there for now.

According to him, he performs at several big events in Ghana which of course, are not shown on television. He says, he gets compensated well for these gigs as well. K Jay said, the music business is about the impact he makes on people before anything else comes in.

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He said, as far as he might be concerned, he sings to have positive influence on people, but not just doing as such for a mere purpose. K Jay further expressed that, money is good and that is the reason they are all making music, but influencing or impacting the listening public has forever been his longing.

K Jay is a mind boggling live performer who has been playing with his band for some years now. With such a remarkable and lovely voice, he has been playing gigs at several events in Ghana including performing at Villagio every single other Saturday.

Subsequently, fans who have missed him perform live can be at Villagio to watch him set up a fine show. K Jay is currently signed on to Diplomat Entertainment, and is presently promoting his most recent single “Stuck On You” which features Kelvyn Boy, who is additionally another awesome talent.

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